Marvin Gaye X Shebna

dob: September 6, 1993

We love Magma's babies so much that we kept several of his daughters out of different mothers for breeding. We sold the mothers and acquired a young unrelated stud (Zorro) to service our Magma daughters.

Twelve years ago, we chose Magma as a stud for his physical attributes and personality for packing. He simply fits our idea of what we want to breed for. He is tall (47 inches at the withers) and very strong. We paired Magma with our big Ebenezer daughters. The babies proved to be everything we hoped for: tall, easy to train and handle, and with a genuine gusto for packing.

Magma, himself, has been the anchor of our own pack string. He carries his load without complaint and will go all day long. He will lead or string, so we can put him anywhere we want in the line.

Magma is getting older now, but still breeds with the same results. Magma enjoys his new home and female herd at Wallowa Llamas in Halfway, Oregon. Thanks Raz Rasmussen.

To view some of Magma's babies, please click on one of the links below.

Quartz (Male) DOB: 6-3-97 Mother: Grace Ann

Goddard (Male) DOB: 6-2-98 Mother: Grace Ann

Garnet (Female) DOB: 7-5-97 Mother: Lady Jane Graywind

Jane McCarty (Female) DOB: 9-20-02 Mother: Hannah Kelly

Mary Elizabeth Jobe (Female) DOB: 5-9-99 Mother: Margaret Miller

Rachel Lavina Dobkins (Female) DOB: 6-18-99 Mother: Lady Jane Graywind

Darwin (Male) DOB: 6-18-00 Mother: Lady Jane Graywind

Andrew Newton Douglass (Male) DOB: 3-30-01 Mother: Hannah Kelly

Spring Creek Chaco (Male) DOB: 6-18-00 Mother: OKR Kiva

Bullet (Male) DOB: 3-20-02 Mother: Mother: Margaret Miller

Boulder 4-3-03 male Mother: Margaret Miller

Paiute 9-6-99 Male Mother: Grace Ann

Edenn 9-12-03 Female Mother: Utopea

James Franklin Coleman 3-9-05 Male Mother: Hannah Kelly

Charles Henry Sidebottom 9-19-03 Male Mother: Hannah Kelly

Stardust X-Babe 3-11-04 Female Mother: Starshine

Sibyl Delight 3-6-05 Female Mother: Margaret Miller

Star Noir 3-8-05 Female Mother: Starshine

Valhalla 3-13-06 Male Mother: Utopea

Meadowbrook 3-26-06 Female Mother: Hannah Kelly

Bandolier 4-18-06 Male Mother: Margaret Miller

Jupiter 4-26-06 Male Mother: Starshine

Spring Creek Paradise 6-8-07 Female Mother: Utopea

Camelot 10-3-08 Male Mother: Utopea



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