2002 Spring Creek Llama Ranch Babies

Baby Supper Time!

Baby Supper Time!

Momma Llamas from left to right: Starshine, Sunshine.
Babies under their moms: Starshine's baby girl born on 3-18-02, Sunshine's baby girl born on 3-23-02.

Baby in the background: Margaret Miller's baby boy born on 3-20-02.

All of our babies this spring have Magma as their father.

Moms and babes

Moms 'n babes

From right to left: Sunshine and her daughter, Starshine and her daughter, Margaret Miller and her son.

Legs and Ears

Legs and Ears

The newest addition to our farm! His mother is Grace Ann and his father is Magma.

Grace Ann's baby meets Kiva.

Grace Ann's baby meets Kiva

From left to right: Kiva, Grace Ann's baby, Grace Ann.

New babies 10-20-02

The dark one is...

Female baby by Hannah Kelly X Magma
DOB September 29, 2002

The spotted one is...

Female baby, the mother is Utopea
DOB October 12, 2002

Hannah Kelly's baby