Bear Mountain Zorro

Jordan's White Socks X Sand Creek Cheyenne Autumn

dob: July 3, 2004

Wither height: 49 inches
Hip Height: 49 inches
Ground clearance: 27 inches
Weight: A lean 400 pounds

We wanted a stud that would complement our fantastic Magma daughters and create a future generation of pack llamas. We wanted a pack llama that would carry our loads up the trail all day and love hiking as much as we do. We wanted a llama as wonderful as pack studs Magma and Ebenezer had been for us. We wanted a new beloved family member.

Bear Mountain Zorro has proven his worth to us. Now check out his babies. There are more on the way!

To view some of Zorro's babies, please click on one of the links below.

Alison McAllister (Female) DOB: 07-02-2008 Mother: Sibyl Delight

Chocolat (Female) DOB: 10-18-2008 Mother: Starnoir

Genevieve Littlejohn (Female) DOB: 05-31-2009 Mother: Meadowbrook

Big Shot (Male) DOB: 09-24-2009 Mother: Valhalla

Spring Creek Big Shot (Male) DOB: 09-30-2009 Mother: Valhalla

Obelisk (Male) DOB: 11-02-2009 Mother: Sibyl Delight

Gilbert Littlejohn (Male) DOB: 11-2-2009 Mother: Sibyl Delight

Sarah Eaton (Female) DOB: 11-22-2009 Mother: Starnoir

Tatouine (Male) DOB: 4-16-2010 Mother: Tunisia

Margarita (Female) DOB: 6-17-2010 Mother: Meadowbrook



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