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Eric the Red X Heather

dob: June 16, 1984

Ebenezer, a North American outcross, is a proven outstanding stud and packer. He has been a part of our family since 1985. He never has failed us on the trail. We have complete confidence and trust in Ebenezer. When our son was a little boy, Ebenezer was the llama we could trust for Douglas to lead. Ebenezer would do anything to keep from stepping on a child. This strong and affectionate bond with our family is why Ebenezer will have a place with us until the end of his days.

A classic llama, Ebenezer is tall, strong, handsome, and gentle. We can always depend on Ebenezer to get the girls pregnant. He has sired at least 18 babies and has numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His babies are big from the start. They tend to be intelligent and gentle animals. His daughters are good mothers with plentiful milk.

Ebenezer continues to be strong on his pasterns and in remarkable condition. We currently pack with two of his sons and one of his grandsons. Many of his other sons have grown up on our farm and gone on to successful packing careers with other families.

To view some of his babies, click on a name below.

Starshine (female) DOB: 5-13-92 Mother: Spring Creek Sunshine

Lady Jane Graywind (female) DOB: 4-4-92 Mother: Spring Creek Windstorm

Grace Ann (female) DOB: 3-21-93 Mother: Spring Creek Windstorm

Spring Creek Mesa (female) DOB: 5-31-96 Mother: OKR Kiva

Hannah Kelly (female) DOB: 5-10-96 Mother: Spring Creek Sunshine

Astro (male) DOB: 4-14-98 Mother: Spring Creek Sunshine

Granite (gelding) DOB: 4-24-95 Mother: Spring Creek Windstorm

Q (gelding) DOB: Mother: Spring Creek Sunshine

Graysun (Gelding) DOB: 5-31-93 Mother: Spring Creek Sunshine

Slate (Gelding) DOB: 7-10-96 Mother: Spring Creek Windstorm


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