Born: June 18, 2000

L-S Magma x Lady Jane Graywind

Darwin has a nice personality with steady behaviors. He recently experienced his first overnight pack outing. He hiked along much as if he were an experienced packer. There was no pulling back or hesitation. He stood to be saddled and loaded. He calmly took to being picketed along with the other llamas. Darwin will be a great solid packer.

Darwin also has potential as a herd sire. His mother, Graywind, is tall and comes from a line of heavy milkers. Graywind's father (Darwin's grandfather) is Ebenezer, our old retired packer and herd sire. Darwin's father, Magma, is our current lead packer and herd sire. If you are looking for a packing herd sire, Darwin may be your answer.