ILR# 228032

Born May 8, 2000

38 pounds at birth

Father: L-S Magma ILR# R120253

Mother: OKR Kiva ILR# R123721

With his long legs, muscular build, and very nice disposition, we figured this guy would make at least a decent packer. My notes on him at 7 months of age say, "Very handsome. Very tall and straight." Even so, he exceeded all our expectations in his first summer of serious packing.

Chaco gained a great deal of experience during the pack season as a three year old. He spent about 20 days on the trail including weekends in the Cascades and nearly three weeks in the High Sierras, much of the time on cross country routes. He carried light to moderate weight appropriate to his age and maturity (about 45 pounds) . He also spent some time tied in the string with seasoned packers. Chaco did an excellent job and caused little trouble whatsoever as a newbie. He is ready to hit the trail as a full grown adult next summer.