Bullet at 11 months.

Bullet at 3 months.



Mother: Margaret Miller
Father: Magma

DOB: March 20, 2002

Measurements taken March 1, 2003

Weight 195 pounds

Height at shoulder 42 inches

Height at hip 43 inches

Clearance 24 inches

Measurements taken February 1, 2004

45.5” withers

45.5” hip

26” ground clearance

Bullet’s mother, Margaret Miller, is a daughter of the packing stud, Houdini. Houdini had a smooth and beautiful gait. He loved hiking and was a master at obstacles. Margaret Miller's grandfather, Ebenezer, was an outstanding packing stud active in our own string for about 12 years. He is still up on his pasterns in his 21st year. Father, Magma, has led our string since about 1997.

Bullet is developing into a handsome and strong llama. He is confident about who he is and doesn’t take much trouble from his pasture mates. He was fairly easy to train and took to haltering and leading well. He already is tall for his age. We expect him to grow to over 46 inches. Bullet is calm when we enter the stall to feed or work and doesn’t mind a pat on the neck as we pass by.