Mother: Margaret Miller
Father: Magma

DOB: April 3, 2003

If you are looking for a breeding packer, then Boulder may be the llama for you. We believe he has great potential to make great packing babies.

Boulder has two years experience on the trail and has proven himself to be a solid pack llama. He loves to go and takes on trail obstacles with pleasure. He is a llama that is observant and alert yet calm and steady out in the woods. He strings or leads without a fuss. He is athletic and muscled much like his father with a solid straight back, square rump, and well proportioned neck and legs.

Boulder's grandfather, Houdini, was a great pack llama who truly loved packing. He did not hesitate with trail obstacles. We liked Houdini's smooth gait and fluid movement. Boulder's mother, Margaret Miller, has passed on these traits to Boulder. Margaret's grandfather, Ebenezer, was an outstanding packing stud active in our own string for about 12 years. He was still up on his pasterns in his 21st year. Boulder's father, Magma, has led our pack string since about 1997. Boulder's brother, Bullet, and sister, Mary Elizabeth Jobe, are both successful pack llamas.

We think Boulder should have the opportunity to pass on his packing genes to the next generation. If you are looking for a herd sire, we suggest you consider Boulder.


04-29-2007 347 pounds / 45.5" withers / 46" hip / 26" ground clearance
11-05-2006 342 pounds / 45.5" withers / 45.5" hip / 25.5" ground clearance
1-16-2006 332 pounds / 45" withers / 45" hip / 24.5" ground clearance
02-13-2005 277 pounds / 44" withers / 45" hip / 24.5" ground clearance
11-27-2004 283 pounds / 44" withers / 44" hip / 23.5" ground clearance


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