Starburst X-Babe

Mother: Starshine
Father: Magma

DOB: March 11, 2004


Family: X-Babe is the fourth generation in her family to be born on our place. Mother, Starshine, is a nicely correct girl. She is a super mother with plentiful milk and fast growing babies. Grandmother, Sunshine, and great-grandmother, Windstorm, have also been heavy milkers with fast gaining babies. Sisters and aunts also have been great producers. X-Babe has four sisters and three brothers. Two sisters and two brothers are now pack llamas. Father, Magma, is our stud and leads our pack string. He is a powerful, solid packer, 47 inches at the withers with many babies to his credit. Grandfather, Ebenezer, was our main stud and core of our pack string for many many years.

Disposition and physical attributes: X-Babe is a true classic llama with medium-short fiber and plentiful guard hair. The under-fiber is quite fine. Her legs and head are bare. She stands tall. She has a distinctive X on her face. This marking is unusual and quite beautiful. She is eager to learn and often hangs out in the barn when we are there. She is relatively calm in barn while we are working around her. X-Babe has the characteristics to make a good pack llama. She has the heritage to be a fine producing female.

Training: X-Babe stands, picks up all four feet, halters, and leads.