Spring Creek Sunshine

Spring Creek Sunshine

Father: Pico Bello
Mother: Spring Creek Windstorm

Born: February 22, 1988

Sunshine was a beautiful and loving llama who produced 12 great offspring in her lifetime. There are six packing males, four breeding females and two younger girls not yet old enough to breed or pack. Sunshine produced some of the tallest animals on our farm. She had lots and lots of milk and her babies grew accordingly.


Sunbeam 5-10-90 female Father: Van Dyke
Our Summer Solstice 6-21-91 female Father: Remington I
Starshine 5-13-92 female Father: Ebenezer
Graysun 5-31-93 male Father: Ebenezer
Q 5-11-94 male Father: Ebenezer
Hannah Kelly 5-10-96 female Father: Ebenezer
Hale Boperito 4-11-97 male Father: Ebenezer
Astro 9-14-98 male Father: Ebenezer
Tehipite 5-1-99 male Father: Magma
Maxsun 9-20-00 male Father: Magma
Spring Creek Sunkissed 3-23-02 female Father: Magma