Sibyl Delight

DOB: March 6, 2005

Father: Magma
Mother: Margaret Miller

Height in February 2011: 46.5 withers - 47 hip - 26 ground clearance

Sibyl Delight is a full North American with a pack llama pedigree. Her movement is fluid, smooth, and graceful. She is a delight to watch. This trait goes back to her grandfather, Houdini. She is an excellent mother with full gestations and easy births. She is a good milk producer which has been a trait also of her female ancestors.

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Alison McAllister (Female) DOB: 7-2-2008 Father: Zorro

Gilbert Littlejohn (Male) DOB: 11-2-2009 Father: Zorro

Mary Hart (Female) DOB: 12-1-2010 Father: Zorro

Price: $1500