Spring Creek Margarita

Mother: Meadowbrook
Father: Bear Mountain Zorro

DOB: June 17, 2010

Height on February 5, 2012: 48" withers 48" hip 27" ground clearance

Margarita represents the best of the best in our breeding program. She is the animal we strive to produce every time. She is tall and graceful, sweet in disposition, balanced in conformation, and short wooled. Through her mother she comes from a line of heavy milkers with fast growing babies. In 2011 we trained her mother, Meadowbrook, to pack and took her to the Sierras for a two week wilderness journey. She was awesome. We think Margarita has a lot to offer a breeding program for pack llamas and classic llamas. She also has great potential as a packer herself.

Price: $2,000