Lady Jane Graywind

Lady Jane Graywind

dob April 4, 1992

Father: Ebenezer
Mother: Windstorm

Measurements on April 10, 1998 (as measured by Dr. Paul Jones)

Withers 47.5 inches
Hip 48.5 inches
Ground Clearance 26.5 inches
Weight 375 pounds

Graywind has been an outstanding mother and heavy milker. Her babies gain 1 to 1.5 pounds per day. She is easy to handle and a sweetly dispositioned llama. Graywind's parents have produced some of our tallest and strongest packers and most outstanding breeding females.

Babies of Graywind

Lord Edmond Blackwind (male) 5-25-95 Father: Spooky Boots

Margaret Miller (female) 6-10-96 Father: Houdini

Garnet (female) 7-5-97 Father: Magma

Rachel Lavina Dobkins (female) 6-18-99 Father: Magma

Darwin (male) 6-18-00 Father: Magma

Captain Samuel Lee (male) 6-25-01 Father: Magma