Spring Creek Chocolat

Mother: Starnoir
Father: Bear Mountain Zorro

DOB: October 18, 2008


Family: Chocolat is the fifth generation in her family to be born on our place. Mother, Starnoir, is a super mother with plentiful milk and fast growing babies. Grandmother, Starshine; Great-grandmother, Sunshine; and great-great-grandmother, Windstorm; have also been heavy milkers with fast gaining babies. Father, Zorro, is our current stud and leads our pack string. He is a business-like pack llama and carries his loads with ease. Zorro stands 49 inches at the withers with many babies to his credit. Grandfather, Magma, leader of our pack string for 12 years, was a powerful pack llama. He fathered 45 babies on our farm before moving to another harem of females for another pack llama breeder. Great-grandfather, Ebenezer, was our main stud and core of our pack string for many many years before Magma.

Disposition and physical attributes: Chocolat is a true classic llama with medium-short fiber and plentiful guard hair. Her legs and head are bare and she stands tall with a build much like her father's. Chocolat is calm and steady in her training lessons. She has the characteristics to make a good pack llama. She has the heritage to be a fine producing female.

Training: Chocolat stands, picks up all four feet, halters, and leads.

Height on February 5, 2011: 47 withers 47 hip 25.5 ground clearance

Spring Creek Chocolat has a lovely personality. She is tall and willing to perform. We have decided to keep Chocolat for our pack string. NOT FOR SALE


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