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Welcome to everyone signed up for the LLAMAS: CURIOUS ABOUT THEM? BASICS ONE class scheduled for July 13, 2003.

To prepare for this class, please read the following articles on this web site or go to the "Packing, Articles and Photos - How To Articles" link on the menu at left.

Be sure to dress for the weather, rain or shine. Bring boots suitable for muddy corrals and slippery trails. Pack a lunch. Class fee to be paid at the beginning of class is $45. Checks can be made to Spring Creek Llama Ranch.

Please send me an email to let me know what specific topics you hope to learn from the class. Once I have your email, I can keep you up to date with any other information needed before the class, including directions to the ranch.

[email protected]

Looking forward to meeting you.


PS. If you are not signed up for this class and would like to be, go to this PCC web site.


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Packing, Articles, and Photos

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