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We selectively breed for packing llamas.

Our 33rd year packing with llamas.

We provide support for
new llama owners.

After 33 years in the llama business, we have retired from breeding and selling pack llamas. This means we are rounding up a small group of llamas to keep for long pack trips in our retirement. Also staying with us are our retired packers and retired breeding females. They are part of our family and will stay with us until the end.

We no longer have any llamas for sale.

We have kept up our pages about our former llamas for historial bloodline information.

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Weekend Training and Conditioning Pack Trip a Success

As we approached Marion Lake, we took the trail that crosses the outlet stream with a big bridge. There were people standing on the bridge with a dog. We waited for them to get off the bridge before we started across. Graysun was afraid of the dog. We have no dogs at our house so he is not used to them. The water that the bridge spanned was a rushing torrent. Thanks to all the snow melt, the surf definitely was up. The water made an enormous roaring sound. This added to Graysun's anxiety. The experienced string crossed the bridge with calm confidence. Graysun would not go and found himself caught between the dog and the bridge. read more...

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Trail Munching

Llamas spend a lot of their time grazing, browsing, or just eating the hay brought to them in the barn. When hiking, it is annoying to have your llamas trying to grab at every passing bush or clump of grass. Not only does it slow you down and disrupt a string of llamas, it also can be dangerous when the vegetation is toxic. How can llamas be kept from munching along the way? read more...

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